Pneumatic Decapping System


The Lithium Machining Pneumatic Decapping System is a must have in commercial manufacturing. So many decapping dies compete for having the hardest pin, bragging about how it punches through berdans and small flash holes. This only creates problems by pushing the excess brass from your newly punched hole down into the primer pocket, causing issues while priming. While our pin is incredibly strong being made from M-2, we instead tackle the issue by absorbing the force back into the air cylinder. The Reed Sensor on the cylinder then allows us to reject the case if using the INEX Case Processor, or simply wire it into your press to turn it off.

The other advantage of the system is it keeps the pin up and protected inside the stem during the entire operation. This prevents it from being exposed during a machine crash. 

The Lithium Pneumatic Decapping System has been used by manufacturers for years but now includes some slight modifications. It now includes a reed sensor on the cylinder preventing undersized flash hole and berdan cases from getting through. We have also raised the cylinder to include clearance for the FW Arms Swage Backer Die. Lastly, we changed the design so there is no need for a return spring on the decapping pin, reducing maintenance parts and increasing reliability.  

Replacement pins can be found here

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